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Parents need to know that How Stuff is an award-winning educational site that provides historical information about many age-appropriate topics (these topics include, but aren't limited to, animals, culture, automobiles, politics, money, science, and entertainment).

The Grand Canyon, diesel engines, fine china, Spiderman’s psyche, and vaccines all await exploration with just a few mouse clicks.

In addition to the trademark “How Does [insert topic here] Work?

” articles, companion pieces and videos can give kids a deeper dive into the subject matter.

The site also covers more personal topics, including articles about relationships, drugs, and sex.

Articles topics include dangerous animals, war, and violent crimes such as rape, as well as the history of particular weapons.

Searches may result in links to iffy sites such ammunitions dealers in "sponsored results" ads.

Historical articles reference prostitution and break down the history of "kissing"; other article topics include orgasm and oral sex. Diagrams are anatomical, and animations are kid-friendly cartoons.

The site includes a resource for parents explaining sex to kids entitled "Makin' Babies," with topics from conception to childbirth. Searches for sex-related terms may turn up "sponsored results" ads for sexy screensavers, dating services, etc.

The site's consumer focus, while quite prevalent, is not force-fed.

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