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We’ve put together our top 10 no-fail ways to tell if a guy likes you.

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But his ego won’t let him reveal it – instead, he’ll just criticise the competition and hope to put you off by stealth. Drop another guy into conversation and watch his hackles rise while you intrigue him further by being an interesting date.

The male urge to provide is very strong when a guy likes you.

If you need a pen, he’ll give you his and tell you to keep it. When a man ignores an opportunity to give you something, be wary.

A guy in the throes of attraction is NOT a relaxed man. He’s halfway through the second series, because watching it reminds him of you.

His brain is flooding with dopamine, which makes him slightly hyper. Don’t write him off as a clutz – realise he’s got a crush. (This will wear off when you start dating, though, and disappear completely when you move in together. If you’re wondering how to tell if a guy likes you, these are clear signals he’s sending your way.

He might look twitchy, seem edgy, or begin to talk reallyreallyfast. Sorry about that.) He’ll be talking about you near-constantly when you’re apart. No matter how cool he’s trying to play things, his body will reveal the truth involuntarily.His friends will be sick of the sound of your name long before you ever meet them for a drink. Watch his face when he catches sight of you – do his eyebrows do a tiny, rapid flash upwards?His mum knows the colour of your hair in the sunshine. And when they’re nearby, everyone in his life will watch any interaction between the pair of you like it’s the Wimbledon final. If so, he’s keen (or he’s wondering how you broke into his bedroom).Check out his feet – are they pointing in your direction when he’s talking to you? Is he straightening his tie, smoothing his hair and hooking his hands into his pockets? It might take him some time, but a guy who likes you WILL ask you out. Now you know he likes you find how to break the ice on the first date and get more advice from dating expert Kate Taylor.If he’s confident, he’ll do it soon, but if he’s shy, he’ll only dare when he’s got a pretty good idea that you’ll say yes. Talk about a cool bar that you’d like to try, or a film you want to see. Smile when you talk to him, and touch his arm when he makes you laugh.

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