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I've made a series of penetration tests in my network and one of the things I've tried was to record webcam and microphone.

Recording an end-user's microphone seems to be a stealth thing, but what about the webcam?

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But, if that's possible, which of the available hardwares on the market are vulnerable to that kind of attack?

For Quick Cam versions thru, LVUVC_LEDControl is located in the following registry key: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\Current Control Set\Control\Class\0000\Settings Note - If more than one camera is installed, you will have a "folder" for each device (i.e., 0000, 0001, 0002, etc...).

It has a default Data Value of REG_DWORD = 0x00000005 (5).

Based on your comments, I will assume that the following information is true: 0x00000000 (0) = LED Off 0x00000008 (8) = LED On Please note that only It is taken from: Hence, I do not see why it shouldnt be possible for built-in webcams, since they also require drivers (mine is for example up side down after a fresh install) It really depends on the type of camera, and how it is built.

On Apple Mac Book Pros (at least recent ones), the camera light is directly connected via the power supply to the camera module, so the light can't be circumvented even via a firmware hack.

Older (really old) Logitech cameras had a similar design.But just to be safe, I'm one of those guys with a dark tape over the camera.It seems as if the design of my ASUS notebook is good in this respect.It uses a hardware video shutter, that cannot be turned on electronically.That is a great solution to the privacy issue (excepting sound recording as you said).One other thing that I haven't seen mentioned was popularized during the Lower Merion District School spying scandal last year is that the software that was used (LANRev Theft Track) got around the Apple Macbook's camera light protections (camera light is hardwired to camera power) by simply turning it on briefly for a snapshot.

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