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As a VC, I have a standard due diligence list for companies I’m reviewing.Similarly, our limited partner investors have their own due diligence standards, and we manage HOF Capital to keep in line with their standards and expectations.

He looked at his resume, and asked just one question: “What’s your edge?

” My friend got [...continue reading](written by Philipp von dem Knesebeck, Managing Partner, Blue Future Partners (, @bluefutureteam), and David Teten)VCs are at the forefront of technological disruption, funding many of the latest cutting edge productivity tools.

But [...continue reading]I presented a few weeks ago to the American Marketing Association Executive Forum on how their members can work with and earn money from private equity and venture capital funds.

I discussed all of the major engagement models: Expert Networks, [...continue reading]SPrivate equity and venture capital investors are copying our sisters in the hedge fund and mutual fund world: we’re trying to automate more of our job. VCs tout themselves as frontier technology investors, but most are [...continue reading] New York is now the second-most-active tech ecosystem in the US on all key metrics, after the Bay Area. Your company (or your fund, if you’re a VC) typically has a [...continue reading]We think one of the industries with the greatest room for improved use of technology is venture capital itself.

One of the drivers for that growth is that for European, Israeli, Latin American, and Eastern Canada-linked companies, the East Coast is much [...continue reading]It’s hard enough to get a job at a venture capital or private equity firm; it’s even more complex to join as a Partner. Blue Future Partners, a fund of funds, and are now running what we believe is the first-ever large-scale survey of VC [...continue reading]I get emails every week from mid-level and senior executives who want to join a growth company.

I thought it would be helpful to put together some notes on market norms and issues to consider in negotiating a partnership at [...continue reading]Your company typically has seven layers of content marketing. You’re going to be spending 40 hours/week with your new colleagues, which is more time than most of us spend with our spouses.

So I put together some [...continue reading]As I’ve worked to build out HOF Capital’s portfolio acceleration platform, the #1 question I think about is: how do we scalably support our companies?

Large private equity funds like KKR can afford to pursue a consulting model (Capstone), typically [...continue reading]When I meet with other VCs, family offices, and other institutional investors, the most common question I get is: “What are the highest-potential companies in your portfolio which are raising now?

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