Guarding your heart in dating

Guarding your heart – whether you’re in a new relationship or a mature marriage – will not only protect your emotional health, it’ll help you build a strong, healthy bond with your partner.

This post was inspired by two things: a reader’s comment on How to Cope When He Says He’s Not in Love With You Anymore, and my recent realization that we need to learn how to find the balance between guarding our hearts and loving fully deeply madly.

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This is why I’m encouraging us to learn how to guard our hearts in our relationships – whether we just started dating or we’ve been married for 15 years.

Here’s part of my reader’s comment on my article about healing a broken heart: “I am so confused and heartbroken right now, but it helps to read all these comments,” says Dee Dee.

“I was only with my partner 6 months but it felt like years in such a good way….

He told me I was the one for him and how he never wanted to marry (he is 43) until he met me.

He was soon announcing to my friends, family and his son, uncle and brother in law how we would be getting married and how he wished we could have our own baby.

Everything was so good and we had spoken about moving in together later in the year.” She added that after they bought a furniture set and booked a holiday, he said out of the blue that he can’t do the family thing after all.“He gave me insignificant reasons/excuses, nothing makes sense,” says Dee Dee. He told so many people about his love for me and his plans to marry me – we even had a wedding song!!! I keep telling him that our relationship can work, and I refuse to walk away but I will give him time.I pray that when his head his clearer he will find his way back to me.I know I cannot put my life on hold and I won’t, I will be here for him and I will regularly text him (right or wrong) so he knows I will not abandon him and give up on him like his previous relationships.” It’s one of the most disappointing, heartbreaking, and shocking things to believe that you will be with someone you love forever…only to be let down.We can’t protect ourselves from the risks of love, but we can learn how to guard our hearts so we make healthy, wise decisions in our relationships. Not just because Proverbs says “Above all else, guard your heart because everything you do flows from it.” Our words, choices, and actions are controlled by what’s in our hearts.Guarding our hearts will help us: If you learn how to guard your heart in a relationship, your love will be strong and healthy.

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