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as she only managed to score one match on the show.

The TOWIE star started her night by telling her love gurus that they'd be working for her and it appears she wasn't messing around.

Viewers were shocked and some thought she was just plain rude when she sat down for the majority of the night, on her phone.

The whole night seemed to be a bit of a disaster, with one young man even suggesting he lose his virginity to her.

When confronted by her coaches, she had her phone confiscated and was asked to get up and mingle.

But the reality TV star threatened to walk if she wasn't matched with someone confident and cocky.

And even though one man attempted to brave the GC, she soon shot him down after he couldn't stop calling her "love".

The final guy to walk on over seemed to be more her type though, which gave the viewers some hope after all.

As the night was soon coming to an end, the gurus said it was time for the guests to choose which celebrity they wanted to date.

And once the guests stepped forward, the celebrity would then choose the winner for a date. She even added that she still wasn't sure because she likes a guy in control, which she didn't think he was.

Muggy Mike and the rest all took turns with an array of people stepping forward until it came to Gemma. The GC was then proved right when the gurus forced the two to go on a date straight after, and the poor guy even had trouble picking the wine.

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