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Fluffy Cumsalot, Porn Star is an extraordinary documentary about porn stars and their stage names.

Featuring Ron Jeremy, Marilyn Chambers, Jenna Jameson, Seymore Butts and over 70 more of ...

See full summary » Underage sex is one of the most taboo topics on screen.

Indie Sex: Teens presents the history and role of teenage sex and sexuality on screen from Splendor in the Grass to Kids to Thirteen.

The blockbuster teen films of the 80s and more contemporary teen flicks are all explored as mediums through which teen films have played a central role in adolescent sex education.

Indie Sex: Teens (2007)*** (out of 4) Very good documentary that takes a look at sexuality in films aimed at teenagers.

The majority of the documentary takes a look at the past thirty years and how the big take off in the genre started in the early 80s and how the genre got shut down when AIDS came into play.

We also get talk about the recent trend in the genre as well as how the art house films took them to a new level.

This documentary does a great job at breaking down the various points to this genre starting with the fun movies like PORKY' S and then moving into the darker stuff like KIDS and FAT GIRL.

A lot of directors from the art house are interviewed here to discuss their films and how they drew from personal experiences.

The most interesting aspect is talking about how people shy away from female sexuality if it isn't aimed at the male's pleasure.

The earliest films talked about take place in the mid-50s with stuff like REBEL WITHOUT A CAUSE and TOO SOON TO LOVE, which is interesting as there really aren't too many examples from the decades before that.

Most of the show's episodes feature three or four topics, with interviews from people on the street, (asking them what their sexual preferences are) in between each topic.

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