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A campy Broadway number with the finalists opens the show. I can’t see whether or not it says “In Lythgoe We Trust.”Cat Deeley walks through a stage door and good lord she’s gorgeous. And whisper to me in that charming accent that everything will be OK and … In the end, a dancer throws up wads of money and a close up of one bill shows Nigel Lythgoe’s face.

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When Kherington and Twitch, and Katee and Joshua take the stage I think, huh?

No one from that group can be in the bottom three, can they? The judges go off the deliberate while One Republic performs. Lythgoe comments that the decision was not unanimous.

Deeley turns to Katee and Joshua and grimly intones, “It’s not you.” I’m prepared to throw things at the screen on behalf of Kherington and Twitch when Deeley quickly turns to the other couple and says, “It’s not you either.” Such an eruption of jumping and laughing happens that I’m sure that every homeless puppy finds a home and all people are healthy and happy and peace and love forever reign in this world. “Go now, little ones,” Deeley murmurs, “I’ve got to send some other unfortunate dancers to the bottom three.”Who does end up in the bottom three? After that wonderful hip-hop routine, I’m really surprised. He waves and rubber bands and locks his way through “Gonna Make You Sweat (Everybody Dance Now).” When he gets to a back bend that goes down incrementally inch by inch I rub my eyes and wonder if I’ve overdone my meds.

Kourtni and Matt, Comfort and Thayne, and Courtney and Gev. The bottom six dancers “dance for their lives.” Each is wonderful, if not a bit predictable. After a commercial break Comfort does her hip-hop thing and the contrast is noticeable. Yeah, she’s got the rolls and she uses the floor well but Gev is clearly the better breaker.

Somewhere in all this, popper Robert Muraine performs. He’s the guy who took himself out of the finals because he had trouble with choreographies.

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Kent Boyd (S7) and Lauren Froderman (S7) created a prequel to their Collide/prom routine, titled “Collide in 1986.” Check it out!

Also features Caitlynn Lawson (S8), Ricky Jaime (S8), Matthew Kazmierczak (S9), Amy Yakima (S10), Malece Miller (S10), Jasmine Mason (S10).

Unlike my experience, Justin Utley experienced something far more heinous and sinister at the hands of the people he placed his faith in.

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