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Having the best website in the world means little if it's always down and your readers can’t access it.

Enter the best web hosting service, which will manage the mechanical aspects of connecting your site to the rest of the world.

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Fast Comet immediately impressed with its beautifully designed website, giving us all the information we needed about packages and service tiers within a few mouse clicks.

Beyond its excellent presentation, Fast Comet offers a host of tools that let you optimize its services.

Its knowledge base is comprehensive yet approachable, with both written and video guides aimed at every skill level.

Fast Comet also clocks in at 99.99 percent uptime — the highest rating attainable through a third party verification system.

It’s highly unlikely that your readers will ever see an error page when they visit your website.

Fast Comet impressed us with showmanship, but Glow Host took our hearts with its customer service.

Whether via email or over the phone, we were consistently shown patience, respect, and friendliness.

Glow Host has a slightly lower uptime score than Fast Comet, clocking in at 99.98 percent, and the tools that it offers also aren’t quite as beginner-friendly.

Most notably, Glow Host’s included website builder is less robust than Fast Comet’s: If you’re a beginner looking for lots of customizable templates, you’ll be happier with Fast Comet.

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