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“Homes that were built decades ago are darker with smaller windows, so to compensate for that, you need to remove the heavy window treatments and clean the windows to make sure as much light as possible is coming in,” Tharp says.“Use the brightest light bulbs you can and update your light fixtures.” Trim shrubs covering windows, remove old carpet from hardwood floors and remove dark, heavy furniture.Red oak is the most common and the most affordable.

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Pry it off, but leave the small wire bead at the bottom if you want.

These days, white rooms tend to look boring, especially to younger buyers.

Tharp says buyers like neutral colors other than white.

First, you’ll need to assuage the fears of those young buyers about maintaining a home that was around during the real “Mad Men” days.

Second, you’ll need to showcase the features that have the most appeal to young couples and families.

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