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Smart Energy Analytics for Cities | Room 204CMary Ann Piette, Senior Scientist, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory Andrew Burr, Policy Advisor, U. Department of Energy’s Building Technologies Office Ben Polly, Senior Research Engineer, National Renewable Energy Laboratory Dr.

Ralph Muehleisen, Principal Building Scientist, Argonne National Laboratory Dr.

Joshua New, Computer Scientist, Oak Ridge National Laboratory PLENARY SESSION | Ballroom A• Keynote Address: Pat Vincent-Collawn, Chairman, President and CEO of PNM Resources, and Chairman, EEI• Clearing the Roadblocks to Smart Infrastructure Jesse Berst, Chairman, Smart Cities Council - Moderator Peter Auhl, Chief Information Officer, City of Adelaide, South Australia Jeff Merritt, Chief Innovation Officer, City of New York, NYJeff Stovall, Chief Information Officer, City of Charlotte, NCAndrew Therriault, Chief Data Officer, City of Boston, MAArchana Vemulapalli, Chief Technology Officer, City of Washington, D. TRACK: CONNECTED AND AUTONOMOUS VEHICLES Put Your City and State in the Fast Lane by Optimizing Transit and Rail Infrastructure | Ballroom AGeorge Thomas - Moderator Jill Sorenson Rob Cary David Pickeral Ian Rainey Nick Zabriskie TRACK: COMPASSIONATE CITIES Opioid Addiction: How a New, Data-Driven Social Safety Net Can Save Lives in Your City | Ballroom AKevin Bingham - Moderator Brian Arrigo Jacob Levenson Evan Behrle Stephen Kearney PLENARY SESSION | Ballroom A• Keynote Address: Mike Zeto, Executive Director, Smart Cities, AT&T• Keynote Address: A New Digital Deal, Bas Boorsma, Digitization Lead, North Europe, CISCO• Dialogue with the 2017 Smart City Readiness Challenge Winners Stuart Cowan, Chief Scientist, Smart Cities Council - Moderator Ted Lehr, Data Architect, City of Austin, TXKen Clark, Chief Information Officer, City of Indianaoplis, INKevin Burns, Chief Information Officer, City of Miami, FLCharles Ramdatt, Director of Smart Cities and Special Projects, City of Orlando, FLCharles Brennan, Chief Innovation Officer, City of Philadelphia, PAPLENARY SESSION | Ballroom A• Presentation of Innovation Alley Awards• Keynote Address: Why Climate Hope Begins with Cities, Carl Pope, Former Executive Director and Chairman, Sierra Club• Compassionate Cities Track Plenary: Inclusive Mobility – Building Smart Transit Systems as Lifelines for Vulnerable Populations Colleen Casey, Urban and Community Development Policy Expert, Toyota North America - Moderator Jordan Davis, Director, Smart Cities, Columbus Partnership Mark Dowd, Mobility, Technology, Smart Cities, and Environmental Policy, University of California, Berkeley Shima Hamidi, Director, Center for Transportation Equity, Decisions & Dollars, University of Texas, Arlington PLENARY SESSION | Ballroom A• Keynote Address: George Atalla, Global Sector Leader, Government and Public Sector, EY• Department of Energy Smart Energy Analytics Awards David Nemtzow, Director, Building Technology Office, U.

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Although the agency said it was likely "an American aggression," U. officials said the United States had not launched airstrikes on Syria.

According to court documents, the little girls had been planning the kill since Christmastime.

The original idea was to do it at Morgan’s birthday sleepover.

Twelve-year-old Anissa, a boyish brunette with long arms and a layered pageboy cut, had read online that it’s easier to murder people when they’re asleep.

It was the perfect opportunity: all three of them would be sharing the same bedroom.

Like most suburban middle schools around Wisconsin, Horning Middle School gave its students i Pads for educational purposes.Anissa’s Internet history showcased your typical online fare (bunnies eating raspberries), as well as more unusual attractions.On her Google Plus page, she Liked videos such as one in which a cat slowly beats to death a live mouse, and reposted a tutorial on how to kill someone with the wrong end of a lollipop (jam it into their eyes, their neck, all the soft spots).She also posted multiple “psychopath tests,” which she had taken and, according to her captions, failed (meaning she scored positive for psychopathy).In December of 2013, Anissa fatefully introduced Morgan to Creepypasta Wiki, a fan fiction horror website, where users can read and contribute to each other’s ghost stories.One of the most popular crowdsourced monsters on Creepypasta was called Slenderman, a tall, looming, faceless figure in a black suit.

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