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By Leslie Combemale aka Cinema Siren January is a strange time in the world of movies, as it brings a mix of the very worst and best.Releases this month are either holdovers from the end of the year that pushed to be seen in New York and LA in time for awards season and are now in wider release, or films so bad the "winter of their discontent" is the only time the studios would place them.

With clunkers like Mortdecai, The Boy Next Door and Strange Magic, we could all spend time reflecting on what has happened to Johnny Depp's career or the wisdom of an animated film using the tagline "from the mind of George Lucas," but perhaps it's better we just leave these films alone after a blanket three-word review for the three movies:"Save your money."All is not lost, however.

Three of the most talked about, lauded and potentially awarded movies of 2014 — Whiplash, Boyhood, and Birdman — have something in common.

They were all premiered at the Sundance Film Festival, which always takes place in January.

That means this week all film industry eyes are on Park City, Utah, where Sundance 2015 is taking place, amid swirling gossip and conjecture about what films may become this year's big surprise hits or awards darlings.

You want to know before anyone else does what flicks to seek out or chat about at the water cooler, hipster-like, don't you? Cinema Siren says "You're welcome."The festival has only just gotten underway, so it is hard to predict what the real winners or losers will be, and sometimes big distribution deals don't result in big box office numbers, as Chris Rock's Top Five will attest.

However, the fact that little in the way of successful movies came out of the Toronto Film Festival last year suggests that indeed Sundance is the place for boutique distributors to acquire the hottest new Indies.

Before the fest started, several movies were already snapped up, and the feeding frenzy is only beginning.

Many more films are being premiered or finding a spotlight in Park City this week, and after all the deals have been made, the micro-brewed beer has been drunk, and the dust and snow settles, we will have a much better idea of whether any great releases will be coming our way later in the year.

I'll give you a heads up about where these films can be seen, especially in my upcoming video series that will guide you all to Indie films available on demand in your own homes and in the theaters.

Until then, stay warm and don't waste good time on a bad movie.

About this column: I am Leslie Combemale, at and am a movie lover and aficionado who aspires to get more people back into the beautiful alternate worlds offered in the dark at movie houses across the country.

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