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Titanium is the main cause of blue color in sapphire.The result is a gem that has been significantly enhanced in both clarity and color.

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The good news is that the Geuda stampede brought a lot of beautiful reasonably priced material to the gem market.

And, as time went on, heating techniques evolved so that virtually all the main production of sapphire and ruby marketed today has been enhanced or improved by heat treatments.

A Swiss professor developed high temperature corundum treatment during the 1920's– apparently, his secrets then leaked to the gem fields of the Orient.

By these criteria, sapphires enhanced by heat compare very favorably with non heated stones.

Many heated stones are significantly richer in color and higher in clarity than non heated stones– the whole point of heat treatment is to enhance the gemstone.

Many sapphires are heat treated to improve their color and/or clarity.

Should heated stones be valued the same way as unheated ones?

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