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When men find themselves on a first date with a woman, many of them regret they haven’t attended any rhetoric classes or courses. Yes, Ukrainian dating culture and national mentality should be taken into account when dating Ukrainian girls. You must have heard about cultural differences and you might feel anxious before your first date with a Ukrainian woman.

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Your ability to communicate largely determines the success of your date.

Everything matters on a first date: your manner of speech, questions you ask, your reactions to your date’s questions etc.

As the man, you should take the lead in a conversation.

You should be responsible for introducing new subjects and dealing with awkward silences.

However, it shouldn’t look like you are the only one who has the right to take the initiative.

Listen attentively to your interlocutor and don’t interrupt her.

Women like when men listen to them – this is how they understand a man is interested in them.

The secret to a successful conversation is to know how to start it and how to keep it going.

After greeting your date, ask how her day was or how she got to the venue of your date (if you didn’t pick her up). You may also say something interesting about the location where your date takes place – maybe, it’s your favorite spot or you asked her here because you want to experience it together.

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