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ACS has some great coordinators – it is really good have coordinators who can support you when you want to go out to theatre and other venues (especially when making last minute requests to change care times! Amongst only 4 other stalls, ACARES stood…In the spirit of International Women’s Day, the ACARES team had the pleasure of hosting Kirrily Haywood, a 30 year old Disability, Housing and LGBTI Activist/Advocate (whoa what a mouthful! Kirrily’s talk touched everyone’s hearts…Every year MOIRA hosts its popular Respite and Recreation expo and this year was no different. Interprofessional Tracheostomy Workshop ACARES had the privilege and the opportunity of sponsoring the Austin Health Tracheostomy Review and Management Service (TRAMS) Interprofessional Tracheostomy Workshop on Friday 23rd March. Generally I take awhile to warm up to people and Accommodation and Care Solutions have made it easy, I feel like I’ve known them all for ages.

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The staff are pleasantly capable and have made the whole process of moving a step in the right direction.

Their staff were in constant contact and my confidence bloomed with them.

I would have to put them at the top of the three care agencies I’ve been involved with Owen Service user I am locked in (unable to speak) and wheelchair bound so the thought of changing service providers left a knot in my stomach but the team at ACAREs made the transition easy.

as most of the people who work there are aces at helping their clients.

Held at the Lynbrook Community Centre on Friday 2nd March 2018, ACARES own Community Development Executive Stacey Lane and our lovely…

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