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to see what words and phrases the target audiences actually uses when they talk online.And as a niche site owner myself, this is the approach I take in my own keyword research. But the fact that it isn't yielding five figures per month yet means I've got to watch where I spend my money... And do this task for your own niche (or one you're interested in) as we go through this together. And at the end you'll have a huge list of profitable keywords you can use on your site....which is not going to be on expensive keyword research tools. And it will save you having to come back later and do it again.

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When you go to Google’s home page, or even from a browser’s search bar, Google starts to automatically fill in what it thinks you want to know almost instantly after you start typing.

The idea is to help users search faster and get to the information they need quicker.

But Google tells you two things as a niche marketer: Google tells you two things as a niche marketer: what phrases your target audience most commonly searches, and what Google perceives to be some of the most profitable keywords (Click here to tweet this) While you’re checking out what kind of gold nuggets Google’s auto-complete feature has to offer.

After you finish typing in a keyword, scroll down to the bottom of the page to see what other long-tail keywords people are using.

These will help you expand your thinking, but they may also serve as an important red flag so you can know when you’re beating down the wrong path.

If none of the related searches relate to the topic or goals of your niche site, you might want to consider another direction in your long-tail keyword strategy.Related searches give you more in-depth, longer-tail keyword options than you might guess on your own.In this example, starting a phrase with "Clickbank" could open up another world of keyword possibilities.Bonus: If you want even more keyword potential, click on one of the related search terms and scroll to the bottom of the page for its related search terms too.The key to success is always staying one step ahead of the competition But sometimes in order to get ahead, you need to understand what your competition is doing that’s beating you to the ground.In terms of keywords, you won’t be able to uncover their keyword strategy 100% But you will be able to figure out the trends and long-tail terms they’re going after.

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