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As a multi-tasking mom and entrepreneur, I wear several hats. Not only was it time consuming to go out, but figuring out where to go was one more thing to do.

I remember how challenging it felt to be out there navigating the socializing waters in NYC (mostly).

All that research and longing for a primary source of information led me to put my writing ability to the test…both personal gain…and to endeavor to help others.

I am the author of two dating books, How to Meet a Mensch in New York and How to Marry a Mensch.

Mensch, for those who might not know, means decent, responsible person.

The origins are Yiddish, but it’s become quite mainstream. After doing many speaking engagements and special appearances, a single friend suggested I offer personal advice….because no two people are the same, nor do they have the same needs or challenges.And, in the dating arena, it doesn’t get any better than finding your Mr. She was so right…I launched a practice as a Love Coach — offering private consults to singles to help boost their social lives.In light of that work, which I still love to do, I decided to take advantage of the invitation to attend a recent panel discussion in NYC at The Kaye Playhouse at Hunter College entitled “Swipe Left: Dating Apps Have Killed Romance.” With a title like that, how could any red-blooded single person (or Love Coach) not be intrigued?!Many of my love coaching clients participate in online dating, especially because most are busy (who isn’t?!) and see it as an opportunity be in the dating game, whether they have time to go out and meet people in person or not.I, actually, remain a fan of the old fashioned way of connecting, as the web is such a numbers game, but that’s not to say it can’t or hasn’t worked for some.

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