Esperanza spalding husband dating

Comes in with her hair tied (doesnt do the signature afro) and looks very plain.

Flirts with one of this hostess' (very pretty Asian/black girl) and often has drinks there with a woman (no details about her) who is OBVIOUSLY either her lover or someone she's slept with. People who know her from Berklee know she's gay or at LEAST bisexual She frequents the Blue Note in NY.

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"I just want to say, if you're going crazy, take a break," says Esperanza Spalding.

The Oregon-based jazz singer-bassist sits at Beverly Hills' Avalon Hotel, lit from behind by a window that opens onto a small courtyard.

Her hair teased out to her shoulders, she's wearing a wild orange coat and gold glasses.

Standing out is nothing new for the 31-year-old, but she seems extra radiant after taking two years off from a rapid, Grammy-stacking rise.

"I felt overwhelmed by stuff that wasn't satisfying me," she says, "things I was supposed to do for my career.

I stopped and said, ' Let me get back to the basics.' I had no plans for the future -- until I heard the knock on the door from Emily."Esperanza Spalding: The Billboard Shoot Emily is what Spalding was called as a kid; it's her middle name.But she talks as if it's a totally different person: "I'm the instrument Emily's ­playing," she says.Whether ­alter ego or ­nickname, "Emily" is the protagonist on Spalding's fifth LP, (out March 4 on Concord), a concept album centered on not just a new ­identity but a new sound: experimental rock, filled with noisy guitars and manic ­singing."I wouldn't call it 'prog,' but you can," she says."Somebody got mad and said it sounds like acid jazz -- I don't care." is a shocking departure from the stately jazz that, in 2011, scored Spalding a best new artist Grammy -- and, because she beat out Justin Bieber, a tsunami of online hate.Incredulous tweens made her a trending topic on Twitter and vandalized her Wikipedia page, which at one point read that she should "die in a hole." The win seems all the more incredible ­considering the other ­nominees: Drake, Florence & The Machine and Mumford & Sons.

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