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Filipinos have the highest proportion of those in the "Medical/Healthcare Professionals" categories while Japanese have the highest proportion in the "Education, Media, & Community Services" occupations.

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The first is that many companies consciously or unconsciously bypass Asian Americans when it comes to recruiting for and outreaching to future executives.

This may be based on the implicit assumption that Asian Americans do not fit their picture of a future executive or corporate leader.

Social scientists have described how the American economy has undergone a "deindustrialization" in the last few decades from one based on manufacturing to one centered around technological innovation, information management, and services.

That is, there has been an expansion in the number of jobs at the top, within "information-intensive" sectors, and that require high levels of education and job skills and that pay very well -- jobs that many Asian Americans have successfully landed.

Within this context, many scholars also note that the U.

At the same time, there has also been a proliferation of jobs at the bottom that are relatively low-paying, unstable, and require little education or skills.

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