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With the news of David Bowie’s recent death at the age of 69—reportedly from liver cancer—you can’t help but wonder if his long-term smoking played a role.

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Unfortunately, that’s not the case.“There’s a preponderance of science that says ‘light’ or ‘ultralight’ cigarettes are just as dangerous or more dangerous than regular cigarettes,” says Michael Fiore, M. Related: The Better Man Project—2,000 Awesome Tips on How to Live Your Healthiest Life For instance, back in 2004, a study from the American Cancer Society found that men who smoked these kinds of cigarettes were just as likely to die from lung cancer as those who smoked regular ones.

More recently, researchers from Turkey determined that light cigarettes impair the vascular function of the heart just as much as the regular ones do.

Cigarettes marketed as “light” or “ultralight” contain less tar—and sometimes less nicotine—than regular kinds, when measured by a machine that mimics the smoking process.

So many people think they’re getting a safer cigarette.

However, the smoking machine doesn’t accurately predict how much of the harmful chemicals an actual smoker will inhale.

That’s because humans inhale smoke differently than a machine does.

What’s more, people who use “light” or “ultralight” cigarettes tend to compensate by smoking differently to maintain a comfortable level of nicotine in their blood, says Dr. So they may find themselves taking longer drags, inhaling more deeply, and holding the smoke in their mouths for longer.

As a result, people who smoke those kinds of cigarettes actually ended up taking in the same or even more of the toxins, says Dr. That’s one of the reasons tobacco companies were required to stop labeling their cigarettes as “light” or “ultralight” as part of the Family Smoking Prevention and Tobacco Control Act of 2009.

Since companies can’t market their cigarettes based on strength anymore, they’ve rebranded them.

Marlboro Lights, for example, are now called Marlboro Gold.

In most cases, the color of the pack stayed the same, so consumers could still find their old favorites.

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