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For 15 incredible, eventful and sometimes life-changing seasons, Ellen has been making audiences laugh all over the world with her signature brand of humor and her powerful message of kindness. Seems it never rains in Southerd California, She has a sick Husband. Madeline Scrogin 2 months ago This was popular the year I packed up and left the East Coast for California.

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He told me he doesn't want to die here in Florida and that won't happen. My name is Summer Bishop, age 15, I go to Indian Land High school in South Carolina and I absolutely love your show, even though I haven't been watching since the show began, me being only three may of had something to do with that.

It always brings a little light into my day, even if I'm sad, upset, mad, or just bored it always makes me laugh.

I've always wanted to meet you or at least go to a show since the first time I saw it.

You are hilarious, witty, and bright and you always seem to make people feel welcome and comfortable. Not to mention all the gifts you give to people who need it most or just to be kind.

You are an amazing person, with awesome fashion sense.

I love the outfits you wear on the show, they sometimes inspire my own outfits, given I don't have clothes nearly as nice as yours, but I love to dress in outfits like yours.

Ties, collared shirts, vests, or sweaters that go over collared shirts, blazers, nice pants, with a good pair of converse, I never leave home without a bow.

Lots of people at school say they like my outfits, but a few say that it looks weird like I'm trying to act and look like a boy or something. I take action so that one day no one will have to hear that word.

Did you ever go through that when you were growing up? My parents don't give allowances so I have to save up from birthdays and Christmases so I can't afford expensive clothes. I am apart of the organization held at Penn State University called THON. (For The Kids)dear Ellen you don't know how much i love you and your show i can't get to come see your show because i live in Trinidad and i can't afford it and i don't have my passport........ Dear Ellen, Thank you so much for everything that you and your lovely wife and family and your friends that support you do for this world!!

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