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**DEDICATED TO A CERTAIN BUNNY** You know who you are. And whenever I talk to you with my homework, my homework never gets done.

Otherwise I get worried, but you probably knew that.

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Onlinesexshow - Eff my dating life

I know you've been hurt a lot adn you don't trust easily but you don't even know how happy I am that you trust me. I'd rather slip on an ice berg and die any day that you hated me or was upset.

Dx If i ever virtually hurt you in any way, it's not on purpose.

My excuse is that the water here despises me and over there is more float-able. I'm sorry for anything I've ever done or will do to you that insulted/offended you!

And we could lay in the middle of the street and close our eyes and listen for cars and run at the last minute. In the summer, you could teach me how to properly swim.

When it snowed here, we could eat the snow together, hahahaha.

Dang it Elise you putting me on mind control or something?You always make me laugh no matter what mood I'm in. I'm really thankful that I found a friend like you because you are just one of those people that are really hard to come by, and when they do you gotta cyber cuddle 'em and never let em go. O_O (Well, sometimes)You never judge me, or put me down or act all cocky and shit. Rapper Fifi Cooper has praised the EFF for helping her fight her battles with her former record company, claiming the political party saved her life.Fifi made headlines late last year when a court ruling in favour of Ambitiouz Entertainment prevented her from performing any music that was recorded under the label.She left the company in February along with other artists A-Reece and Benchmar Q.

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