Does postdating a check work

Technically when you write a future date on a check, it does not become a negotiable instrument until that date. However, practically speaking most banks disregard the date on the check and negotiate the check.

This chapter provides resolutions for error messages that you might receive when you use the Kerberos service.

This chapter also provides some troubleshooting tips for various problems.

Solution: You must type the principal and policy names in the Name field to work on them, or you need to log in with a principal that has the appropriate privileges.

Cause: The password that you specified has been used before by this principal.

Solution: Choose a password that has not been chosen before, at least not within the number of passwords that are kept in the KDC database for each principal. Cause: Authentication with checksum was not negotiated with the client.

The client might be using an old Kerberos V5 protocol that does not support initial connection support.

Solution: Make sure that the client is using a Kerberos V5 protocol that supports initial connection support.

Cause: A realm mismatch between the client and server occurred in the initial ticket request.Solution: Make sure that the server you are communicating with is in the same realm as the client, or that the realm configurations are correct.Cause: The message size that was being sent by a Kerberized application was too long.This error could be generated if the transport protocol is UDP.which has a default maximum message size 65535 bytes.In addition, there are limits on individual fields within a protocol message that is sent by the Kerberos service.

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