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Current divorce church statistics indicate that Christians of almost all faiths are on par with non-Christians for the rate of divorce. indicate that nearly one-third of adults have been married at least once and nearly a fourth have undergone a breakup.

In spite of a confession of faith in Jesus Christ and belief in the Bible as the unadulterated, infallible Word of God, Christian couples are divorcing in record numbers. Other statistics predict that means that nearly half of all new marriages will end before reaching the 10-year mark.

It is abundantly apparent that if the trend continues, believers who dare to say, "I don't" will outnumber those who say, "I do." The Barna Group, an organization headed by George Barna of Ventura, California, submits that within Christian denominations, evangelicals known for preaching the whole counsel or full gospel of Jesus Christ top the charts at 26 percent; but born-again believers of other denominations account for a third of marital dissolutions among believers.

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When it comes to marital failures, Protestants also outnumber Catholics by nearly 10 percent.

The lesser rates for Catholics might be attributed to the fear of excommunication once imposed by the Vatican.

Shocking divorce church statistics also indicate that African American believers are severing ties at a rate of 36 percent, while their Caucasian counterparts are at 32 percent.

Pundits can only speculate as to the cause of an increase in divorce church statistics.

Church leaders might theorize that well known televangelists who have divorced and remarried might be setting a trend for the Body of believers at large.

In the late 90s, televangelist Richard Roberts, heir to the Oral Roberts ministerial dynasty, divorced his first wife, Patti, and later remarried.

One of the first evangelicals to end a long-term union, Roberts was harshly criticized by some, but still retained a formidable ministerial status, which continues to date.

Former Praise the Lord (PTL) founder Jim Bakker and his wife, the late Tammy Faye Bakker, also dissolved their marriage in 1992 amidst scandal and allegations of adultery and misappropriation of church funds. Highly respected and renowned Southern Baptist pastor Dr.

In recent years, Prophetess Juanita Bynum and Bishop Thomas Weeks, both African American, ended a five-year marriage after he allegedly assaulted Ms. Charles Stanley also went through an uncontested dissolution in the 2000.

In 2007, the marriage of Paula White and second husband Randy, co-founders of Without Walls International Church, was also amicably dissolved; adding to current divorce church statistics of internationally known televangelicals who apparently are sacrificing marriage for ministry.

The dissolution of these high profile marriages have contributed significantly to the rise in divorce church statistics, as those in leadership are apparently leading the flock to the divorce court.

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