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In the Spring of last year, Dita Von Teese began publicly dating a young, hot French aristocrat. Anyway, long story short, they’re still dating, they’re still hot, and they showed up to some events in Paris over the weekend and the photos are too good to pass up. Why is my head being filled with images of hot sex with a gorgeous masked Frenchman now?

He’s either 26 or 27 at this point – and Dita is 38 years old. These are photos from today’s Dior show – although I am including one photo from a few days ago, when Dita and Louis-Marie were in costume for the 90th birthday party for Vogue.

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“There’s a lot more to feeling sexy than just being young or having a perfect body,” says Von Teese.

“It’s about cultivating your wit and cultivating your sexual power and technique.

In the last 10 years, I feel much more savvy about seduction and my ability to relate to men in a better, more suave way than I did when I was much younger.” To Von Teese, who brings her famed “Burlesque: Strip Strip Hooray” act to The Gramercy Theater starting Sept.

30, seduction should look and seem effortless — and she says the way to do that is by practicing it in everyday life.

THE POST’S SEX SURVEY RESULTS “Men are quite easy,” says the professional seductress, who was born Heather Renée Sweet and grew up in Orange County, Calif. Every time I’ve tried to count — you know, you sit around with your friends and say, ‘Let’s count how many people we’ve slept with’ — it goes on for weeks: ‘I just remembered another person to add to the list! If you’re dating somebody new, how many sex partners would be too many for you to consider dating them?

“For me, indulging in beautiful lingerie and pleasurable things that many people reserve just for seduction, I like to include those things in my everyday life.” That means installing dimmer switches in every room of her Hollywood home, keeping candles lit at all times and spritzing herself with her favorite perfume daily. That would never come into play, especially if they’ve been responsible and practice safe sex and don’t have too many children running around. It makes them appreciate me more and it makes them better at what they do. On a scale of 1-10, 10 being the kinkiest, how kinky are you?

“That way, when it comes time to seduce, I can focus on other things, like using my wit,” says the burlesque queen, who boasts her own lingerie collection, Von Follies, which is currently sold online and will have a US retailer in spring 2014. That’s tough, because I have a different sliding scale than probably most of your readers.

KGl Rqc Ugm8m3Hitx Biz HK” target=’_BLANK’ Von Teese, who is dating casually (she’s recently been linked to Russell Crowe), insists she’s still single. You have to leave them wanting more.” And her tips for men looking to up their lovemaking skills? I’m going to go with 5, bearing in mind that that’s among people I know, and not people whom the readers know.

She thinks sexiness is all about highlighting one’s best assets. “The best thing is not to learn from watching porn,” she warns. As a single girl, I’m not having sex with the same person on a regular basis. The key to mind-blowing sex is when two people come together who have an unmistakable magnetism you cannot create or describe. If you were looking for a one-night stand in NYC, which neighborhood would be most likely to provide what you’re looking for? I’ve tried that plenty of times and have not been successful. I’d love to have a one-night stand — but not with just any jackass. Have you slept with someone on the first night after meeting on a dating Web site/app? I would love to — but I’m afraid I couldn’t without being found out. If yes, do you feel you are fit to run for public office? No one’ s ever going to let me run for public office — and that’s okay with me. After you’ve gotten intimate with someone, how long do you wait before introducing porn into your lovemaking? What’s the best kind of porn for seducing a new lover?

“It’s not reality.” Von Teese is definitely the adventurous type — she even agreed to take The Post’s annual sex survey. It was fun in a way that you were like, ‘Oh, this would be a great story to tell.’ It was a good story to tell. Exciting is the right word — is it going to be good, is it going to be bad? But also two people who are not inhibited, who are willing to be vulnerable and share what they want and what they need in the bedroom. Have you ever texted or e-mailed nude or lewd photographs of yourself to someone else? If you’re in a relationship, do you consider sexting someone else cheating? It’s not cheating, but it is questionable behavior. It’s not something I regularly do, but every once in a while I’m interested. Porn and seducing a new lover I don’t think really go hand in hand.

Read on to get a peek into Von Teese’s bedroom likes, dislikes and thoughts on sexting. I would feel guilty if I were doing that and I would not want to be in a relationship if I were sexting someone else. You shouldn’t be getting to the porn conversations until well into the relationship, until you feel like you want to spice things up and discover more about each other and talk more about your taste.

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