Did andrew bynum dating rihanna is beck dating tori in real life

“These phony doctors prey on unsuspecting women, promising that they will make them look like Kim Kardashian and other desirable celebrities,” the attorney, Jack Yankowitz, said in a statement.“Instead, these women end up with gross, debilitating deformities, amputations and, in the worst cases, death.”City board-certified plastic surgeon, Dr.Authorities say the procedure took place in a residential building on E.

They were simply both having dinner at the same restaurant the same night," the representative explains.

While there hasn't been personal comment from Rihanna, Andrew has denied he and the songstress are more than just friends.

The family of the victim is calling this unfortunate incident murder.“My daughter was murdered,” Bertie Bynum, 51, Latesha’s distraught mother, told the Daily News on Monday.

the source failed to provide the public or family with a clinic name or doctor.

According to recent reports, the phony doctor had “patients” wait at a nearby Dunkin Donuts in Manhattan before being escorted by a “nurse” to the building in which the surgeries take place.

Bynum received her injections at 1 p.m., sources said.

Basketball star Andrew Bynum has brushed off rumors that he’s dating singer Rihanna after the pair was spotted out together over the weekend.

The “Umbrella” hitmaker is alleged to have enjoyed a date with Los Angeles Lakers player Bynum following her split from R&B star Chris Brown. When asked by if he and Rihanna are dating, he offered a simple “No” and insisted there was no budding romance between the duo.

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