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Sure, Miami's endless pool parties, sneakers stores literally staffed by models, and pretty much any event featuring the Dolphin Cheerleaders have a lot going for them, but the best way to enjoy South Florida's natural, and...

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, is a phrase you’ll never have to use at this 50s-burlesque-joint done up in South Beach neon, since the girls get fired for doing that.

The downside is it’s only topless, but the peace and quiet is worth the (relatively) limited view.

After a half-hour inside this smoke-filled strippery, you might not know whether you're in the champagne room or the back of Trick Daddy’s limousine, though at least if it's the later, there's a chance it'll stop at the nearest combination Pizza Hut and Taco Bell.

You know what goes great with a hot naked girl dancing on a pole? but the only one we can talk about is chicken sandwiches.

Which are awesome here and totally FREE Monday-Friday if you buy a beer for the extremely-reasonable-for-strip-clubs price of $5.

You know those girls who try to act all cool and claim they go to strip clubs, like "all the time", 'cause they're "just one of the guys" or they like the idea of "hooking up with a girl" even though they never do? They go for the flashing neon, plush seats, the throbbing dance music, and girls so hot that she might just, maybe, actually... The odds of your girlfriend believing you went to a strip club for the pizza aren't good.Not unless you bring home one of these fresh-baked, housemade dough-discs, after which, she’ll probably start insisting she come along next time. Much as you’d like to believe it really is Mikhaila’s first night at work since she moved here from Minsk two weeks ago, her name’s actually Kelly and she’s been working there since the 90s. There’s a lot of awards the venerable KOD could have won. Best Club to Watch a New Times Columnist do Said Pole Dance. But when a place is mentioned in every single Lil Jon song ever and has a full basketball court in case the Portland Trail Blazers decide to stop by, awarding it anything else would be…waitforit…. Boasting a roster of up to 100 girls, a dozen super skyboxes(?!), 30 private vip suites, a shoe shine station, a clothing boutique, a barber shop, tanning beds, full body massages, an auto detailing service, wifi/computers in the bathrooms...oh, and a full food and drink menu, this cavernous spot is the king of strip clubs, at least if you listen to literally all the rappers and are a fan of all the athletes who show up on the regular. Sure this low-ceiling'd, very neon-heavy, spot'll ply you with drinks from it's full bar, or snacks from it's limited menu, but the focus here is on the girls, who you can watch from a table overlooking their small, glass-tiered main stage, or see up close in their recently(-ish) redone, and very private, champagne room.This oft sued-by-the-actual-Madonna spot, is Miami Beach's only gentleman's club, is BYOB, and is a constant thorn in the side of city government, but that's OK 'cause... Naked women who dance in very purple, pop-art splashed space, where given the lack of drink/food/other entertainment options, you've really got no choice but to watch.Mixing 1950s burlesque with South Beach bottle service, VIP touches, Wonderland is a clash of old and new that makes for the most relaxing, luxurious strip club environment in Miami.

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