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Sterling Sandmann Knight (born March 5, 1989) is an American actor and musician.

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Knight made his film debut in 17 Again playing Alex O'Donnell, Matthew Perry/Zac Efron's son.

According to comments made by Knight on Twitter, because he joined the cast so late, he only sang one song on the soundtrack, the opening song.

His character's remaining songs were sung by Drew Ryan Scott.

He plays Ty Parker, a singer/songwriter who's looking for a change in his music and then finds a girl recording in a studio and when she leaves him he goes on a journey to find her. included Possibly Sarcastic Skip, Dwayne Platowski, and Jimmy Sparrow and his impressions included Ralph Fiennes (as Lord Voldemort), Lucas Cruikshank (as Fred), Taylor Lautner (as Jacob Black), and Justin Bieber. In 2012, Knight starred as Shane Seedwell in the action thriller film Transit co-starring Jim Caviezel and Elisabeth Rohm.

Although the movie was about the girl, Elle, he played a crucial part.

However, after a while, the two become best friends.He and Sonny had a love-hate relationship until the 2nd season when he was Sonny's boyfriend as of the episode "Falling for the Falls" until they split in "Sonny with a Choice.She appeared sporadically throughout the second season.She is somewhat a detective and puts her skills to use in the "So Random" studio.Grady is always involved in strange plans with Nico.Brides fans youth dating apps that in a drop interpretation the two will become a wild again, even though Demi Lovato result the show.

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