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It was an interesting rumor because it would be radically different from anything we've seen from Radcliffe so far, but, sadly, the story was shut down when Rogen revealed that Radcliffe wasn't "willing to push things as far as they are].” Apparently, one of Radcliffe's .

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They then must find a way to survive in the post-apocalyptic world.

Rogen and Goldberg, who wrote the script, will be making their directorial debut on the movie together.

The feature was inspired by a short film made by Rogen and Baruchel which you can watch below.

“practice absolute anonymity.” The fear — and I assume this holds true for anyone with young kids to protect, plus my dad, who is convinced the Internet is just one big credit-card-stealing, identity-theft trap — was that an axe murderer would find and kill you.

The internet we know today, however, is but a balcony upon which to fan out intimate life details as though they were dollar bills and we were making it rain.

We give out information on the web like that scene in when Joseph Gordon-Levitt and David Krumholtz dump kegger flyers from the top of the rafters to the entire student body.This holds especially true on dating apps, where the standard bio format is as follows: age, sex, location, Instagram.Raya, a scene-y dating app filled with variations on that guy who brings his acoustic guitar to parties unsolicited, uses Instagram handles to vet applicants.Once accepted, your handle and those of your potential matches are baked into each profile by default, right under “name.” There is a section that shows your matches’ most recent Instagram posts, and they can see yours. When I joined last year I assumed the point was to prompt conversation.Later, after partaking in significantly less conversations than I had on Tinder or its competitors, I was told that “no one really used Raya to date, but to get more Instagram followers.” In this context, where everyone’s profile was packed with a series of professional headshots, it made sense.A few months later, while swiping through Bumble, there it was: an Instagram handle. It soon became just as common to see as height or “that’s not my kid.” I found out many of my friends — guys and girls alike — also have theirs listed, which prompted an informal investigation.

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