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When I was a young and stupid, 25 or so, I worked the bar scene every day for six months straight.

I developed a strategy very similar to the “Mystery” method, which was pretty much 100% effective with a certain type of girl (beautiful women who toyed with and teased men).

But, there were other kinds of girls in the bar, and truth be told the kind of women that the “Mystery” type technique works on, didn’t satisfy me emotionally or physically.

Three of the groups I classified women into in those days were: “Love-Girls,” “regular women,” and “the beautiful teases.”The beautiful Teases gave most guys the most problems, the regular women were the hardest, and the Love Girls were the easiest (if you had technique and some balls) and were the most satisfying emotionally and were the best lovers physically.

These categories and techniques still are valid today and when you perfect them they work almost 100% of the time without fail.

Let me give you three concrete examples of technique you can use to pick up women in clubs.

(One in this article, and one more in part two “How To Meet Women In Bars and Clubs”, and the third in part three “Do You Want To Know How To Attract Women In Bars and Clubs?

”) So, first of all, I developed these techniques by standing around and observing other people.

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