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Viners is a United Kingdom brand of cutlery, kitchenware and dinnerware products, founded in 1901 in Sheffield, England by Adolphe Viener and his sons.

V" with figures and in 1964, it was "EV" with associated figures.

One of the sons, Ruben Viner, became the driving force in the 20th century to expand the company.

It manufactured stainless steel cutlery and other products.

The firm prospered in the 1960s with a modern factory in Sheffield and subsidiaries in Ireland, France and Australia.

From 1945, the cutlery industry in Sheffield began a slow decline, accelerated with the collapse of steel and other heavy industries.

But, beginning in the mid-1970s, East Asian imports began to flood into the UK.

The company started importing cutlery to finish and stamp "Made in Sheffield." Loans for expansion were crippling the firm and they went bust in 1985.

The brand is now owned by Liverpool's family-owned Rayware housewares group which, since 1975, the Rayware Group had acquired some of the UK’s best known British brands including Mason Cash, Kilner, Typhoon, Price & Kensington, Ravenhead and Arthur Wood, as well as Viners.

At Viners' original Sheffield site, a DWP office block replaced the cutler's head office, a tile warehouse took over part of what had been the company's manufacturing area and a shopfitting firm used what had been its warehousing space.

Silver Enamels Antique Silver Spoons Silver Boxes and Vinaigrettes Small Collectables Silver Miniatures Silver Wine Labels Tea and Coffee Sets Silver Hollowware Silver Flatware Antique Jewellery Roman Coins English Provincial Scottish Silver Irish Silver Cape Silver Irish Provincial Canadian Silver Scottish Provincial Continental Silver Mexican Silver Indian Colonial Dutch Silver American Silver Russian Silver Chinese Export Silver A pair of Georgian Silver Hanoverian Tableforks, dated 1806, with the Douglas family crest, and motto "Jamais Arriere", translated "Never Behind".

The crest is beautifully engraved, on the back of the forks in 18th century style, and is described as "on a chapeau, a green salamander surrounded by fire", with the motto above the crest (which is only done in Scotland).

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