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Fishing for direction in life, Elizabeth Scott gets the opportunity of showing her cocker spaniel in a fancy New York dog show—the kind of thing she has always loved to do.

Dog show judge Donovan Darcy comes across as aristocratic and rude, and a chain of misunderstandings unfold during the competition, complicating their attraction to one another.

In true Jane Austen fashion, Elizabeth and Donovan begin to see the error of their ways, and it turns out Mr.

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Stars Luke Perry, Emmanuelle Vaugier and Tom Butler.

Leah Townsend thinks all is fine coasting along in a relationship with the ever-predictable Edward until he surprises her and enrolls her in a conflict-management class.

Ready to prove herself, Leah shows up to the class and finds herself locking horns with a handsome, radio talk-show host who thrives on making waves—the exact thing Leah secretly despises.

Through the course, Leah develops new friendships, an inner strength she never knew she had and discovers real love should never mean settling for the easy and predictable. A romantic comedy about a down-on-her-luck young woman who falls into a job as a personal assistant to a star quarterback sidelined with an injury.

He's never had a female assistant before and she knows nothing about football.

Stars Emily Kinney, John Reardon and Joe Theismann.

Until recently, evolutionary psychologists have considered human mating behavior to be universal and similar to other animals, painting a picture of human mating as visceral, animalistic, and instinctual. In courtship and display, sexual competition and rivalry, we are guided by Mating Intelligence, or the range of psychological abilities designed for sexual reproduction. "I'm Too Sexy for this Canvas": Why Creativity is Sexy 3. Neurotic Mess: The Role of Personality in Mating 4. : Attractiveness and Mate Choice in the Real World 5.

Mating Intelligence is at work in our efforts to form, maintain, coordinate, and terminate relationships. This book will change the way you think about sex, dating, love, and the human mind. Game Plans: The Highly Contextual Nature of Human Mating Strategies 6.

It guides us in flirtation, foreplay, copulation, mind-reading, mate search, mate choice, and many other behaviors that may have reproductive payoffs. How important are kindness, compassion, and understanding? "She Totally Wants Me": In the World of Mating, Biased Perceptions are Everywhere 7. The Mating Intelligence Scale Glenn Geher, Ph D, Chair of Psychology and Director of Evolutionary Studies, SUNY New Paltz, Scott Barry Kaufman, Ph D, Adjunct Assistant Professor, New York University, and Foreword by Helen Fisher, Biological Anthropologist, Rutgers University Glenn Geher is an evolutionary behavioral scientist with more than 50 publications to his name on diverse topics, ranging from emotional intelligence to perceptions of romantic partners to attitudes about why boys are different from girls.

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