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A wise man, indeed some might even refer to him as a Shallow Man, once said the following.

“It’s easier to climb Mount Everest than dating a Dutch woman as an expat.” Dutch women, I love you so much that you’ve driven me to writing poetry.

The following video shows some of the common mistakes made by expat men when wooing their Dutch female prey.

Another day, another rumour that workmates Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart have mistaken the Twilight set for the back of the bike sheds.

“They’re like a couple of love-struck teenagers,” says a source. Co-stars are always getting it on, thanks to their outrageous prettiness and the long hours they spend together on set.

Even for us civilians, working together has become the second-most popular way to meet a lover (jointly with online dating; first place goes to “through friends”). Leave the lovey-dovey stuff at home You’re paid to do a job, not to make goo-goo eyes over the computer monitors.

But is it wise to hook up when you share a boss and a canteen? It’s a minefield, but tread carefully and you can make it work. Bosses tend to frown upon workmate relationships, not because they’re heartless tyrants, but because your flirting can embarrass and irritate your colleagues.

It also distracts you from the job you’re paid to do.It’s especially important to keep your ogling under wraps if you work in a public place. Don’t harm their reputation by groping your boyfriend-stroke-workmate’s bum while you’re stacking shelves. Keep your rows out of the office Save the spats for the bus stop.Like the lovey-dovey stuff, tension between you will distract you from your work and annoy your workmates.If you’re going through a rocky patch, make an extra effort to stay focused on your job. Don’t be tempted to go crying to the girls at work about any problems you’re having.Of course you want their support, but you’re opening the gossip floodgates. Don’t try to hide it There’s no point trying to keep a work romance under wraps.Someone’s bound to suss you out, and the rumours will soon start to spread. But be prepared to re-think the relationship or your job if your boss objects. Beware of email monitoring Many companies keep tabs on emails and phone calls.

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