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Dig deep, find who you truly are and connect with others that share your lifestyle, passion or defining trait... A deeper connection can be made when you match with others that have the same kwink. Sure, you may have multiple Kwinks but try to find the strongest one first.

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Mostly, we just want you to stay calm, be there for us when we need it, and always be open to talking stuff out. But, other times, we do need a hit of rational thinking If we’re getting carried away with ridiculous potential outcomes, we’ll appreciate you stepping in and reminding us that getting murdered on a trip to Tesco probably isn’t going to happen. It’s always a good idea to be on time You’re saving us from the HORROR of being late to something, AND preventing us from worrying that you might be injured/lost/standing us up. On that note, unanswered texts aren’t great Sure, stretched out time between texts is fine. And we’re not great with change Talk us through it. We’re not delicate, fragile flowers Yes, we get anxious sometimes. Learn how to deal with a panic attack They happen sometimes. Don’t take it personally, and please forgive us once we apologise. We appreciate you LOADS Dude, if you’re there for us through constant worrying and occasional completely irrational thinking, you are the best.

To be the best person ever when dating someone with anxiety, here’s some stuff it’s worth being aware of. Never, ever call us ‘crazy’ Kind of tapping into our biggest insecurity there, buddy. Sometimes, being logical isn’t the best thing Deep down, we KNOW that we’re not going to get fired because of that stupid thing we said to our boss. Suddenly stopping responses after a rapid fire conversation, or not responding for a full day, on the other hand? Don’t assume that any problem we bring up is just our anxiety speaking Maybe you actually ARE being a d*ck. We will occasionally spiral, and you’ll have to be pretty patient It will pass. It’s difficult to let stuff go You’ll learn this after you say something vague and refuse to expand on it. We can still take jokes, deal with tough stuff, and cope with all the other parts of general life. In fact, we’re pretty tough We do things that feel TERRIFYING on a daily basis.

Probably going to send us into a pit of ‘are they okay?

“He insisted on wearing dark sunglasses everywhere.

He wouldn’t go into the school assembly if there was a play on and if he walked into a room with people in, even if he knew them, he would have his eyes closed for the first half hour, even behind the sunglasses.” On the autistic spectrum, he has struggled with speech and comprehending others for most of his life.

“It’s as though someone is inside his head and they have a long strip of paper with all the sentences on and they’re cutting each word up and throwing it out in the wrong order,” says Carol, 57.

His parents battled to get him coveted spots at specialist speech and language schools and avoid the likelihood of bullying, but they couldn’t shield him completely.

“Some people didn’t want him at their children’s parties because he is not the same as other children. She and Daniel’s father Barry, 66, a support worker, who have been married for 33 years, had largely given up hope that their son might find love, happiness and a relationship as strong as theirs, something he had told them was his dream. His first song – entitled The Black of Lonely – described the melancholy of being alone.

For a mother, the lyrics cannot have been easy listening.

As Carol relays their story, Daniel sits patiently opposite her, sipping a Coke.

Seeing the two together, her words are tricky to believe. A gentle 6ft 4in presence with a tumbling head of hair and wide blue eyes, he maintains eye contact, unabashed. “Once they actually said it, it was a massive relief because I had something to use as a point of reference,” says Carol.

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