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12/3/17 Sunday Funday Are you stuck with the Daily Celebrity Crossword Puzzle Today? We offer complete solutions as well as “no spoiler” mode to give you that little extra push.

Or simply use this cheat sheet to help you get the best and fastest completion time possible.

Valerie Harper 18A Actor Oscar of “Star Wars: The Last Jedi” Isaac 19A CNN political commentator Navarro Ana 20A The ___ of the Unknown Soldier Tomb 23A Ross who received a Lifetime Achievement Award at the American Music Awards, which were hosted by her daughter Tracee Ellis Ross Diana 27A Animal sound heard by a shepherd Baa 30A “My So-Called Life” actress who now holds the title Countess of Devon and lives in an English castle: 3 wds.

AJ Langer 32A Be inaccurate Err 33A Slobber Drool 34A Yoko ____ (John Lennon’s widow) Ono 35A Food Network star who helped feed people in his hometown of Santa Rosa following a devastating wildfire: 2 wds.

Guy Fieri 37A High school degree alternative: Abbr. La La 4D Florida senator Rubio Marco 5D “The Beat With ____ Melber” (MSNBC show) Ari 6D “Suit & _____” (2013 Justin Timberlake hit featuring Jay-Z) Tie 7D Reaction to a joke: Hyph.

GED 38A ____ mail (old-fashioned letters, as opposed to email) Snail 39A Handle on a door Knob 42A 95-year-old actress Doris Day 44A Singer ___ Marie, known for the 1984 hit “Lovergirl” Teena 48A “Fifty Shades Darker” actress who’s begun dating Coldplay front man Chris Martin: 2 wds. Haha 8D ___ Boys (auto parts chain) Pep 9D Fifth _____ (where Saks is, in Manhattan): Abbr.

Ave 10D La Brea _____ Pits (California attraction) Tar 13D Shoe that leaves the foot mostly exposed Sandal 16D “____ my shorts!

” (insulting Bart Simpson catchphrase) Eat 17D Reason to need an umbrella Rain 21D Female horse Mare 22D Icelandic musician whose new album is titled “Utopia” Bjork 24D Slack-jawed with excitement Agog 25D “To Tell the Truth” panelist Leakes Nene 26D Former Yankees third baseman’s nickname: Hyph.Arod 27D Pleads Begs 28D “Make ____ for the border” (former Taco Bell slogan): 2 wds.A Run 29D Sansa’s sister on “Game of Thrones” Arya 31D Pork _____ (butcher’s cut) Loin 33D Get larger, as the pupil of an eye Dilate 36D Generic name for a dog Fido 40D Turn the ___ cheek Other 41D Affleck whose ex-wife Jennifer Garner is helping him battle his alcohol addiction Ben 43D Unit of measure at a fabric store Yard 45D “NFL Primetime” channel ESPN 46D Pinot ___ (red wine choice) Noir 47D “Mom” actress Faris who’s begun dating cinematographer Michael Barrett Anna 48D ____ Equis (Mexican beer brand) Dos 49D “Come one, come ____!Reach prospective customers by INTEREST or GEOGRAPHIC LOCATION.The tools below allow you to customize a list by hobby, interest, city, state, zip code or county.Step 1) Search by: Hobby/Interest, City, State, County or Zip Code Radius. Step 3) Place the order and receive your lists via email!

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