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17 dating habits of an extremely independent woman.Imgoing to guess that the base of the machine is shaped like the back ofa fiddleand, if so, its a singer new family, not a no 2.The powercable and foot controller was also supposed to be stored on this tray.

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The patterning on thefabric changed in design over the years of production, so did the boxinteriors. according to therecords imusing which were rescued from kilbowie when the factory closed, thesinger cowent from ez to fb without using fa at all.

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Theywere painted white without any decorative decals, the hinged extensiontable was shorter, they used a clamshell style foot controller thatwas permanently wired into the machine, and the original cam androcker assembly for transferring motion the bobbin and feed-dogs wasreplaced with a toothed belt system.

Thanks amillion i was worried about the wiring to my original footpedal, therefore, i was glad to get the new one.

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I really love when peopleare willing to share wonderful things like this for free. Justpress print and create an adorable present for your teacher.

I havea feeling that ill probably always use the new foot pedal now.

Thesetwomachines both have build dates of 8/11/52 (along with 10 othermachines onthe survey).

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Singer says this is also a model2-vibratingshuttle, part of the series 8647000-8746999, mfgd. I have written to them fromismacsrequesting this dating information and, if it comes (theyre a funnylot atsinger nowadays) it will be interesting to see if there is any info onthe kmodels.

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