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, which is paid by the buyer as part of the purchase price. Bbl resting bar is of the hard Bakelite type and matches in SN rest of gun as does muzzle nut and front sight hood. Also included is orig German leather sling with a barely discernible maker’s ink stamp on the underside with “R? This weapon passes function test and appears fully functional. CONDITION: Overall finish and appearance is excellent as refinished by Ohio Ordnance Works. This gun appears all matching and all original, including bolt,op rod, and buttstock. 28″ Chromox steel bbls with Fox Philadelphia address on top are stamped with “A”, SN, and Fox proofs on flats. Stocks retain most of what appears to be their orig finish with some added oil, worn through in many areas. The prices noted here after the auction are considered unofficial and do not become official until after the 46th day. Assembly just forward of resting bar marked “37” (C. Bolt has a plum color to it with some wear to the edges where it rides inside receiver tube. Orig sling soft, cracking and frayed halfway through at one point, still barely serviceable. This is a very interesting MP40 in that it has a 1941 date rear assembly matched to a 1942 dated receiver assembly and was made with cos parts with ERMA final proof. Buttstock is of the laminated type, reduced height style for vehicle storage. Case hardened typical grade “A” action with all correct markings features automatic safety and double triggers. Rear sight flip up tension spring broken and sight flips back and forth freely. Firing mechanism functions smoothly when operated by hand. Bolt is of the later type with cut out under extractor. Action retains 50 – 60% orig case hardening color, strong in protected areas, balance being pewter gray with some spotting.

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Receiver tube marked both “42” over (Wa A44) and “cos” and eagle over “280” proofmark. 4-42548 MGM215 (4,000-5,000) Have a similar item you want to sell?

Includes two orig magazines which are marked “ayf 42”.

Manufactured by ERMA (ayf Wa A 280), with Mertzwerke (cos) parts, with replacement bbl installed by Ohio Ordnance Works and serialized to gun.

Also some loss of finish to receiver tube where the bolt handle has ridden along outside of tube. This indicates gun was probably made at the end of ’41 and finally assembly probably took place in early ’42. 4-42491 JWK126 (8,000-12,000) Have a similar item you want to sell? Includes one MP43 marked magazine manufactured by “fxo” (Haenel) and one magazine body only manufactured by “bte” and marked MP 44. Lightly figured American walnut semi-pistol grip buttstock measures 14-1/4″ over ribbed hard rubber buttplate. Typical matching splinter ejector forend has Fox’s Deeley type release.

Lower assembly is of the attractive dark brown type and very handsome. Magazine release catch sticks in the closed position, but with some effort, magazine can be removed. Full coverage FE engraving by Richard Roy, featuring gold inlaid grouse and woodcocks. Bore diameter: left -.617, right -.620 Bore restrictions: left -.010, right -.005.

Firing mechanism functions when cycled by hand, this weapon passes function check and appears fully functional. Overall finish and appearance is 85% dark blue over majority of firearm. Ejection port cover slightly bent at rear, but could easily be straightened. Fox by Connecticut Shotgun Manufacturing of New Britain, Ct. Bbls have wedges of scroll engraving with gold bands in breech and muzzle areas featuring gold lightning bolts. Drop at Comb: 1-1/2″ Drop at Heel: 2-1/2″ Weight: 5 lbs. Accompanied by leather covered case with maker’s label containing oil bottle, snap caps and hang tag.

Grey phosphate finish over handgrip lower assembly only with forend pretty much in the white with an even grey patina. Bolt face is excellent, shiny and bright as is the bore. Wooden hand grips with one deep ding to lower left front corner and slight dent to corresponding lower portion of hand grip. Splinter forearm with rosewood tip, straight grip stock of fancy thin shell walnut with good color contrast and distinctive black streak marbling. CONDITION: Very fine.  Rust blued bbls and case colored action with excellent orig finish.  Stock and forearm have high luster filled finish with a few light handling marks.  Crisp mechanics.  Very good bright bores.  Case in very good condition with a few minor handling scuffs.

Overall there are some scratches and dings to the finish consistent with wartime use, likely this gun is unfired since WWII, evidenced by the type and consistency of oil in it, as well as the internal parts condition. Includes one 28 link belt marked ddt 1/42, and one field grey colored drum carrier with two 50 ground assault drums, also in field grey. 4-42482 DS72 (17,500-22,500) Have a similar item you want to sell?

4-40324 JWK15 (10,000-15,000) Have a similar item you want to sell? Tank gun includes round gun adapter for bi-pod, and bi-pod marked (kur42) also clamp on aa sight base.

**GERMAN MG-34 TANK GUN MADE BY BRUNN W/BIPOD(C&R). Gun serial number matches shroud, top cover, receiver, buffer cup and hand grip. A metal bbl jacket covers the finned aluminum cooling jacket surrounding the bbl.

Buttstock collar, buttstock, bolt, barrel, and feed block do not match. CONDITION: Overall finish and appearance is outstanding. There is a hardened grease over much of the receiver and shroud which has preserved the finish underneath. Front sight is drift windage adjustable protected blade sight, rear sight mounted on top of rear of top cover(graduated to 2100 yds.) Pistol grip is covered with two wooden panels, and shoulder stock is matching wood. Includes two 30-06 strip feed attachments, one high capacity 30-06 pan mag and two standard 47rnd .303 British pans and one .303 British steel feed strip. Firing mechanism operates smoothly when cycled by hand, this weapon is fully functional .30-06 pan mag operates well.

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