Free registration club sexual in mumbai - Dating sabbatical

It took me a long time to realize I was suffering from dating burnout.

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I had so much love to give and I’d been wasting it on trying to find a partner. It sucked, but I finally wanted to take care of myself, and one of the ways in which I tried to do this was put aside some money for a rainy day.

It felt empowering to save money and invest in myself.

I stopped caring if I was “missing out.” Over the Christmas holidays, social media was filled with couples doing fun stuff together, like going away on holiday.

I was happy for them but didn’t feel I was missing out by not having a boyfriend.

I was happy to do my own thing and not have to compromise on the types of holiday activities I wanted to do, like shop ’til I drop. When I had spare time, I could spend it trying something new and fun. After taking time for myself and learning more about who I was, my attitude towards dating changed.

This was great because I’d previously spent way too much time dating instead of having a real hobby that brought happiness to my life. If I met a guy who showed interest in me, I thought, “Is he worth giving up my free time for?

” instead of what I used to think, which was, “Does he like me? I had made myself a priority and wasn’t going to change that for anyone.

I stopped searching for people to fill my emptiness.

I’d been searching for the right guy to make me happy and feel worthy, but being alone for a year taught me that I was the only one responsible for these things.

Instead of searching for someone to fill me up, I filled myself up with things I wanted to do. There’s love between friends, love for parents and siblings, love for pets, love for myself and love for life!

This also meant that when I was ready to date again, I’d do it for the right reasons. I didn’t have to be stuck on the idea of having romantic love in my life when there were so many other types of love to enjoy every single day.

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