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Women in Thailand are somewhat of a mystery to western guys.They are some of the most beautiful and sexiest women on the planet.

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These dramas are the most watched programs by Thai women, in my experience.

So from an early age, these ladies comprehend the connection between men and women in a somewhat surreal world of romance .

Combine that with the longing to date western guys and that first connection will be somewhat of an emotional and mental upheaval for them. Understand that many thai women will never have had a real face-to-face physical connection with a man until the mid to late 20s, due in part with focus on getting employment stability.

With an ever increasing population in Thailand, the need for women to establish themselves in the workforce is important to their long-term survival, if they never find a guy to support them.

So here they are with a head full of romance in meeting an experienced western guy and he wants nothing more than a real relationship.

And by real, I mean equal doses of romance, love and male-to-female reality.

(Sorry, I’m excluding guys who come to Thailand just for holiday sex.

We’ll cover that in a later article) So, many Thai women will be unable to grasp the concept of relationship reality .

Typically when that happens the relationship finishes and the woman gets hurt because she simply cannot understand why.

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