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Getting up from under the sheets when it’s still dark (and cold) outside is probably one of the hardest things to do in Baguio.

But the spectacular view from Mines View Park’s observation deck makes the 4-kilometer travel from downtown worthwhile.

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Named after US President Theodore Roosevelt's secretary of war, John Hay Air Station or Camp John Hay is a recreational complex that houses gardens, picnic areas, an amphitheater, hiking trails, an 18-hole golf course, hotels, and restaurants.

A section of the park seems to be frozen in time as it features the well-preserved vacation quarters of General J.

Franklin Bell, the Commanding General responsible for transforming Camp John Hay into a military resort. One can just imagine spending the whole of summer vacation in this place.

Unfortunately, the house is available only for viewing.

Tucked away in a garden, this Filipino café uses the traditional process of tsokolate-making, which is using a wooden rod called the "batirol" for mixing the concoction of local cacao beans.

This produces the hot, thick, and bittersweet drink.

The café sometimes features live music you can dance along with while under the moonlight.

Named after the city's planner, Daniel Burnham, this park is probably the most photographed Baguio destination because of its location at the heart of the city.

Aside from rowing a boat at the man-made lake, couples can also have a picnic, go biking or skating, and do other cliché things.

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