Dating not worthy

I’m sure you already know there are lots of men out there to date. The sad thing is you can’t always see the good guys because some of the bad guys feel so exciting to you.

So I thought I’d share a couple of types of men with you so you know who to look for and who to stay away from if your dream is to be in a long-term relationship this year. You gotta love the stimulating conversations you can get into with this type of man.

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Dating not worthy Sexchatmobilenew

I know a lot of women who married men like this because they loved the intellectual stimulation.

Over time, they ended up feeling rather lonely in their relationship with this man. I’m run by emotions so this guy was NOT a good fit for me.

He won’t be for you either if you need broad shoulders to lean on from time to time.

Now if you’re turned on by his intelligence and have a support system for when times get rough-go for it!

The Bad Boy I had a bad boy in my life at one time. He had the ability to make me feel like I was the only woman in the world for him. He knows what to say but his actions don’t match his words.

His words were exactly what I needed to hear at the time so I fell hard for him! He’s sexy and women fall all over themselves trying to meet him. This man has a lot of troubles that most likely revolve around finances and ex’s.

He loves the hunt but once he’s caught his prey, he gets bored and moves on. In their own way, they are the male version of a drama queen.

I know you may love his words and I know the chemistry with this guy will feel amazing while he’s with you. Having been drained by life, they have very little to put into a relationship.

But trust me from experience…he’s not relationship worthy. He’s a project and what woman doesn’t like a good project in her life? He should be focusing on getting his life together.

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