Dating money problems

There comes a point in a new relationship where the couple have to talk about the dirtiest subject – money.Whether they’ve decided to save up for a holiday together, or one is having money issues, the topic will arise Different people earn different salaries, and have different spending habits, and this can cause friction in a relationship.However, as with many of the situations that new couples have to face, it’s not what you have to deal with, it’s how you deal with it that decides whether or not you come out the other side unscathed.

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To help you along the path, here are our four new relationship tips on surviving your first argument about money.

Maybe you earn £40,000 a year and your other half earns £12,000.

Or perhaps your partner is still dealing with the aftermath of a previous relationship or divorce that has left them out of pocket.

Or maybe they’ve been used to their previous partner dealing with all the bills and now are a bit lost money wise.

Whatever the circumstances you find yourselves in, however you’ve come to face a money issue in your relationship, it’s worth remembering that everyone is different.

Some people think that money is not overly important, whereas others believe in squirrelling every penny away into an ISA for a rainy day.

Whatever your attitude and personal finances, use this issue as a chance to take stock and accept you’re learning something new about your partner.

The fact is that you only really have two choices: accept their financial situation and move on, or end the relationship.

If your partner has made a money mistake, your instinct will be to make them feel bad about it.

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