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Once we had the chance to learn that the author of the early Italian story about Romeo and Juliet first called it "JOYFUL STORY..." and we think that there was nothing amazing in it despite the sorrowful ending of the tale.One must note that in this context the word "joyful" does'nt mean "merry" nor "amusing", but understands Happiness in the highest meaning of this noun: the capability of experimenting THE great Love, the sacred gift from heaven of which Romeo and Juliet were so generously endowed.This "tragic happiness" is still in our days giving us enlightenment and inspiration.

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Long ago, still in our school days, we saw for the first time Zeffirelli's movie "Romeo and Juliet" and it stayed with us forever, becoming the basis of our enthusiasm for Italy, interlacing it with our personal life.

Since then we saw that movie many times taking for granted that the background of it was the real town of Verona.

Only long time later we learnt about the places where the filming took place indeed.

To visit these locations seemed to us an unrealizable dream.

Several small towns scattered through central Italy far from usual touristic routes...

Even if we could go to Italy (indeed we have been several times in Verona),how could it be possible to reach such villages and how to find the locations we looked for?

But one day our dream became true thanks to friends from the Italian Shakespeare Association - Cynthia and Romano.

They became our good wizards and helped us in realizing a fascinating trip (we would say a sort of pilgrimage) to the places linked with "Romeo and Juliet" movie heroes.

We sincerely thank them for this "joyful" discovery of Italy.

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