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I am at that stage in my life where my education is completed for the time being, I am settled in a job, and have most of the friends that I am going to have for the rest of my life.

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On the other hand, if things end badly you may still have to see him/her or your friends will have to choose who they want at their events and outings.

Dating may be no one’s business but yours and your significant other’s; however, when dating within the friend group it becomes their business too.

Friends can’t help but get mixed up in the drama and often are torn because they hear both sides and want to support both friends.

I dated two different guys who are friends with the same friend of mine and as much as I tried to not to involve him, it was inevitable.

When you date someone close with your best friend you cannot help but go to your bestie with details or for advice because that is what we as friends do.

Yet when they know your other half and are likely talking to him/her too things get complicated and uncomfortable fast.

Your friend will listen and try to be supportive but it’s a tough call when your friend does not like two of you dating and thinks you are incompatible or when he/she has to hear all about the pain you are in from his her friend.

It is especailly rough when the person caught in the middle is close with both members of the relationship.

When you and your boyfriend/girlfriend fight or breakup, your friends are left in tough situation and have to deal with a change of events entirely beyond their control.

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