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Anvils are available in a range of sizes and styles. is the most popular anvil size for most farriers that are lifting the anvil in and out of their rigs on a regular basis. We will call you with the cheapest and best way to ship your anvil. Our Free Shipping offer for orders over 0 does not apply to anvils.

Peddinghaus anvils are drop-forged and produced entirely from high-grade steel for maximum durability.

The top face is ground and induction hardened to provide a lively surface to work on. Entirely forged in the Peddinghaus factory in Germany, not just a "Peddinghaus style" anvil. Rebound is 90% with a 1 and 1/2" ball bearing, rings like a church bell. Replied to all my emails and returned all my calls. I have read a few reviews about the black finish on this Anvil, etc.

Models #9 and #12 come equipped with a pritchel hole to support the use of various tools. Answered all my questions and if he didn't know the answer, he found out and got back to me. All I can say is, you ordered an Anvil to shape and form hot metal after pounding it with a hammer. The finish on mine was fine, but I don't understand some folks. I am a thorough person, I research all tool purchases for months before buying. In all of my research, I kept coming back to the Ridgid Peddinghaus.

When other Anvil makers describe their Anvil as having similarities to the Ridgid Peddinghaus, that tells me something.

When I talk to blacksmiths who actually work on anvils, and they tell me that if they had money they would buy the Cadillac, Ridgid-Peddinghaus, that tells me something. However there is quite a few small pits in the face of the anvil.

When I purchase a Ridgid-Peddinghaus and after weeks of use have not one inkling of regret or concern, that tells me the rest of the story. Quit looking in antique stores, quit looking at estate sales, quit looking at flea markets, go ahead and buy one of these anvils. My biggest disapointment is the horn is blunt at the end and does not come to a point.

The smallest part of the horn is appx 1 inch in diameter which is un acceptable to me and i know it is to alot of others aswell.

The horn is painted on this anvil and arrived with the paint cracking as well as chipping with lots of runs.

For a professional quality tool they sure flopped on the details Thank you for contacting RIDGID. For pricing and availability questions, please work with one of our distributors.

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