Dating god way good dating tips for men

Here are 5 important features that every dating relationship should have if done God’s way.

This might seem like a no-brainer but there are no exceptions to having sex before and outside of marriage because God has clearly said in His Word that sex is only reserved for those who are legally married.

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Even if a couple is engaged to be married this doesn’t give them permission to engage in premarital sex.

This includes what is called “petting” or “touching” areas that should not be touched except by a married couple.

Jesus said that lust of the heart is the same as adultery (Matt ).

The lie I have heard so frequently from some women is that their boyfriend or dating partner said, “If you really loved me, you would do it” but the truth is, if he really loved her, he wouldn’t do such a thing.

Love does not take advantage of another or cause one to stumble into sin (1st Cor 13).

If this man is willing to have sex with the woman he’s engaged to and doing so before being married, what makes us think he won’t be unfaithful after he’s married? A lot of marriages began as dating someone and over time, becoming their best friend.Then, the couple may not be able to get enough of one another’s company.The couple becomes such good friends that they may end up marrying.That’s a much more solid foundation upon which to begin a marriage, if it leads to that, but you don’t have to be dating as a means to get married. Take your time, don’t move too fast, good things come to those who wait and wait patiently on the Lord.I like the idea of having a couple who has just started dating to date in places where there are other people.If you date someone in public places like at a restaurant or to a sporting event, they’ll get to see how this person reacts around other people, maybe even children.

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