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He seemed to be the guy every woman would want (obviously a great con man) . C Everything seemed to be going great we were planning to move in together and then the day we were to go pay the damage deposit on our apartment he told me he was transfered to Calgary. So we made the plans to move to Calgary together , I gave up my place and got rid of everything I would not need.

He was well practiced at the art of deception and had my family and friends convinced he loved me.

The last time we saw each other he was talking about all the things we would do when we saw each other.

When he left he told me he loved me and that he would call me when he got to Calgary.

That he did and after that I never heard from him again.

So bring a resourceful woman I searched out the company he works for and called the Calgary office and called him and he simply said "we broke up" when I asked if he knew when he left he hung up.

He is definately one to watch out for Well a date's end for me at least. Slightly older than myself, single mother (up until this point I had ruled out single mothers but she seemed like a really great character so I thought I'd see how a date went). Both of our timetables were free for the day so we decided to extend the date and grabbed some lunch-snacks from a store and had a very makeshift picnic on a green by a river.

All good so far, lots of banter, lots of fun, and laughs.

Walking back through town we popped into a small local pub/club that had some afternoon bands playing live and enjoyed some music and a drink. About 6 years ago when I was first new on this site, I got an email from a guy who seemed really familiar.

Still going pretty great at this point and I'm pretty pleased with how the date has turned out so far and glad I didn't dismiss her like I had previous single mothers. Low and behold, he was the weatherman on one of our local tv news channels.

Then as we're saying our goodbyes and hugging, she says"Don't freak out, when i'm being deadly serious in saying that I think I love you already"My instant reaction was quite a loud laugh followed by a "are you serious? Her face quickly turned to thunder, followed by me saying that although we've had a great date and a fantastic day, let's leave it at that so far and not get head of ourselves. A couple of years ago I got a week free on Match and got chatting to an American based in the UK with with USAF he seemed nice enough then mentioned he had a fantasy of seeing his partner having sex with someone underage, now I think underage in the UK and USA is different but he wouldn't say what age so I can only think this means under 16, either way it was really creepy and I blocked him. I was kinda shocked he was interested in me, because he was quite good looking.

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