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Rating: R Run time: 2 hours 10 minutes Stars: Daniel Day-Lewis, Vicky Krieps, Lesley Manville Director: Paul Thomas Anderson Phantom Thread is a perfect film, but that doesn’t make it a good movie.

Satisfying moviegoing experiences all depend on what you want: absolute technical mastery of every punctilious detail of filmmaking and, in this case, a gorgeous British period setting to make Merchant-Ivory fans swoon?

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In his last role ever, the mad Method actor Daniel Day-Lewis (who is inexplicably retiring from film at age 60) plays Reynolds Woodcock, designer of exquisite clothes for rich women in 1950s London.

He lives for his work in a sumptuous townhouse that’s a character in itself, full of genius seamstresses executing his artistic visions (and the actors are all real seamstresses, some of them experts from the Victoria and Albert Museum).

As he glides down voluptuously curvy stairways to plunge into the agony and the ecstasy of creation, the camera's swoop is as butter-smooth as the polished handrails.

His partner and business manager is his sister, Cyril (Lesley Manville, who steals every scene from Day-Lewis and is enjoying a career upsurge at 61).

Her character is inspired by Judith Anderson’s Mrs. She’s a rationalist, looking after Reynolds’ affairs, including the awkward matter of getting rid of a girl once she peeves Reynolds by demanding a relationship of him (or asking anything at all, or buttering her toast too loudly).

Danvers in Alfred Hitchcock’s Rebecca, who’s creepily close to her employer Laurence Olivier and cruel to his new squeeze Joan Fontaine. Cyril pays the girls off with a Reynolds Woodcock dress as she ushers them out of the claustrophobic townhouse we’re all trapped in. Reynolds’ next girl is Alma (Vicky Krieps), no wilting Joan Fontaine but a young waitress from Luxembourg orphaned and exiled by World War II.Cyril is skeptical, protective of her brother, who bonded with her during their neglected childhoods.(Manville and Day-Lewis invented this backstory for themselves during filming, making their characters less thin.) But Alma — whose name is an allusion to Hitchcock’s wife and constant collaborator — eventually impresses Cyril by sometimes standing up to Reynolds’ outrageous demands.Alma loves being his model and lover (we guess; there are no romance scenes), but pushes him for a normal relationship more willfully than previous girls.She poisons him mildly, to make him dependent on her.Manville says Reynolds knows she’s poisoning him, and rather enjoys being babied.

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