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My vocoder-based sound installation DELILAH TOO will open at the CTM Festival, in the Kunstraum Bethanien on , and run until 22 FEB.

You can find a short overview of the project here: Please contact me by email at MACUMBISTA at the domain GMAIL dot COM with the subject line “volunteer” and I will send more information and a link to the sign-up sheet. You can follow any responses to this entry through the RSS 2.0 feed.

Jeffrey Dean Isbell, better known by rockers everywhere as Guns N' Roses rhythm guitarist Izzy Stradlin, celebrates his birthday today (April 8), and while he may not have taken part in the big GN'R reunion, the songs he helped write did.

But here in the basement of her farmhouse, one of the biggest names in radio answers the phone by herself, communicating with a staff in Seattle while she hears the stories of people from around the country — as many as 70 per five-hour session — and dedicates songs to them.

Most major radio shows employ a team of call screeners to guard their lines.

The walls of her evergreen-surrounded Port Orchard, Washington, studio are decorated in cubicle chic — family photos, children’s art, a Miss Piggy Life magazine cover — and her schnauzer, Sophie, sits still as a statue on an ottoman below the desk.

Delilah leans toward her switchboard, resting her head on her fist as she holds the telephone that around 50,000 listeners try to reach every night of the week.This call is the first of the night, and two teenage girls start giggling as soon as they hear Delilah's greeting. And how old was your friend who forgot that she wasn't supposed to be driving your grandparents' car and accidentally bumped it into something else!?Over about 10 seconds, the changing rhythm of their laughter reveals surprise, then joy, then anxiety as these BFFs forget what it was they wanted to tell her. "The host has a phrase for calls like this, one of the staples of the show, where total strangers confess their deepest secrets. ” she shouts, but before she hangs up, she reassures the girls that the grand theft auto “will just be our little secret.”Not exactly.The call seems to be going nowhere, but Delilah starts prying: "Which one would be the most likely to get grounded for a month or more? "You were in a friend's car and you went four-wheeling and you didn't have four-wheel drive. Delilah, who’s been called "radio’s Oprah," broadcasts her mix of long-distance therapy sessions and sentimental soft rock to an estimated 8 million weekly listeners on 150 stations and online anytime at i Heart Radio.Over the next two hours, Delilah talks to a first-year teacher struggling to earn the respect of 28 first-graders; an older man who can't leave his bed because of the swelling in his legs; a woman alone on the anniversary of the day she discontinued her husband's life support; and a twentysomething in tears as her fiancé yells in the background (the advice: “It doesn’t matter who’s right and who’s wrong.What matters is if you’re going to be able to work this thing out”).

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