Dating buildings using window style

Even considering the mysterious lack of manure on the streets, the Dickensian setting of the BBC's Dickensian was not, of course, Victorian.

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Shoddily built on boggy ground, Downing Street bears the name of the rapacious developer who first built the houses for sale.

Although the familiar façade is Georgian the structure is really Stuart from 1684.

It was once thought that the terrace was built of black brick but it just turned out to be very dirty. 10 has the signature semi-circular ‘fan light’ of Georgian houses, a window resembling an open fan above the door. A typical piece of Georgian ironwork in front of No.

When the bricks were cleaned the transformation was such a shock that it was decided to paint them black again. 10 is an arched lantern holder over the front steps.

Other metal mod cons appearing at this time included scrapers to take the horse shit from your shoes and (lacking at No.10) conical extinguishers for when you returned home without your mobile and only a burning torch for illumination.

Wrought iron with lots of curlicues tied together (made by blacksmiths with hammers) are a feature of earlier houses (or higher income).

Later railings with moulded leaves and flower heads used cast iron.

In Georgian times there was a further development added to the window code which helps us date our buildings.

Sash windows involve a boxed-in mechanism of ropes and pulleys.

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